Deal Consulting is a small business in north Raleigh that enjoys working with other small businesses in the area.

We like to automate and streamline business services.

Honestly, if we can’t significantly improve your business by reducing costs or improving process, we probably aren’t the right people for you. You can hire anybody to fix stuff when it breaks! We build computer and people ‘systems’ to make business run better.

We do some specialized work:


We ‘get’ carriers! We install and configure software from ExamOne, John Hancock, Protective, WinFlex and more. We configure scanners that work. We understand AgencyWorks / Agency Integrator and even write custom interfaces to bring that data to Outlook or reports for you.


We work with BuilderMT and Timberline. We can automate and improve your process for tracking and managing builds. We can protect and control those computers and tablets out in the field offices.

We also do the ‘normal’ stuff you need to run a business – Office, QuickBooks, Remote Access.

We are ‘picky’ about security on computers, networks and servers. We are pretty good as solving the ‘impossible’ stuff too 😊

If this sounds like the type of ‘computer guys’ (and ‘gal’) you’d enjoy working with, give us a call!