Windows malware a direct result of unpatched applications

Danish security firm CSIS studied a half a million virus infections over 3 months in 2011.  85% of the infections were based on ‘exploit kits’ – standard hacker tools easily exploited by criminals (or kids!).  These ‘exploit kits’ attack known problems in Windows, Java, and Adobe products.

They concluded, “as much as 99.8 % of all virus/malware infections caused by commercial exploit kits are a direct result of the lack of updating five specific software packages.”

We used to recommend that people do their own patching and updating – but most of us no longer have time to become ‘experts’ in dozens of computer programs.

  • Which version of Java/Acrobat/etc. should I have? Is the latest version stable?
  • Should I patch programs I never use? (Yes! – or get rid of them)
  • How can I tell a ‘real’ software patch from malware that looks like an ‘update’?

DCI Platinum Security Service

Our Platinum package patches those critical programs… AND it monitors your Antivirus program’s health, and your overall PC health.

Every WEEK, we update and patch your computer.

  • An experienced software engineer sorts through security patches. We block patches with known issues, and schedule suspect ones for testing.
  • We automatically apply accepted patches to your PC – you don’t do anything!
  • You get fast updates for Windows, Acrobat, Flash, Java, QuickTime and more.
  • You are PROTECTED against the all the issues known by major vendors.

Every DAY, we check on overall health issues.

  • Is your antivirus updated? New viruses appear every day!
  • Is your disk healthy? They have a limited lifespan, but do give advance warning.

Every HOUR, we check on critical PC health issues.

  • Are you running low on disk space? (This can cause the entire system to lock up!)
  • Are vital services running, like the Print spooler? (You need it to print anything.)

Hardware and Software Asset Tracking for Free

If you manage multiple PCs, we can include a personal tracking console listing hardware and software for each PC.

Peace of Mind?  Priceless!

Well, actually it’s just $15 a month.   Call or email us now – get safer today!

Special bonuses included:

  • Managed Antivirus –  We install it.  We update it.  You don’t worry about it!
  • Advanced ‘enterprise level’ malware blocking and filtering.