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Microsoft Edge Browser Coming To Android And IOS

Since ditching its beleaguered Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft’s latest offering, Edge, which is bundled with Windows 10, has been struggling to gain a foothold in the market. Yes, it comes preloaded on ...

Sonic Drive-In Latest Company With Credit Card Breach

Another week, another data breach, and this time, popular fast food chain Sonic found itself in the crosshairs. The breach came to light when a Brian Krebs, a journalist for Infosec, spotted ...

Facebook False Friends

A Fake Friend If you get a Facebook 'Friend Request' from somebody that's already your friend, it's a SCAM! Before doing anything with ...

3D Printing with MakerBot

A '3-D Printer' creates three dimensional objects in plastic, just like your '2-D' Ink Jet printer creates two dimensional drawings on paper. I ...

IOS 7 Quick Start Guide for iPhone, iPad

Apple released all the latest gadgets recently along with IOS 7.  If you own an older iPhone or iPad, you ...

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

I got a call this week that malware had infected one of our PCs.  That's a pretty rare event, so I connected to ...

Chief Eating Officer

I often have lunch with many of our Customers.  In fact, it happens so much that my wife has dubbed me the "Chief Eating ...

Is this email Spam?

Usually modern spam filters to block the bulk of unwanted email. But occasionally an email slips through, and these days, they can be ...

Microsoft Tech Support called me

Rrrrrrriinnnnggg! "Good Morning!  My name is Roger, and I'm with Microsoft Tech Support.   Our Security Monitoring team has detected what appears to be ...


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