Malware Popup
Malware Popup

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This looks pretty evil doesn't it?   At first glance, it looks like something on your system 'crashed'.  But fortunately all  you have to do is call a 'Microsoft Certified Technician' to resolve it!

It's all a 'Scare-ware' scam, of course.   Somehow you just got to an evil webpage -- it's easy to do when just clicking links on a search page.

Notice that this one is just displaying in your browser (you can still see the other tabs, and this one is hosted at ''.

If you call the number, the person would convince you that terrible things had happened to your PC, and for just $99 (or whatever) they can fix you right up.

This particular item is not that nasty -- nothing really is wrong with your PC.   You can just close the browser  (Right Click Task Bar, Task Manager, Pick your Browser, 'End Task').   Or just reboot or turn off your PC.


Safe Searching

How do you avoid this stuff?   Practice 'safe searching' !

When you are searching for something, look at the URL (the green links that show where you will be going) BEFORE you click it.

Don't ''  and ''  look safer than '' ??

The search engines try to filter out bad stuff ( is best at it), and your malware filtering gets some too,  but you still have to be careful.

Oh, and if you do need a 'Microsoft Certified Technician'... we've got a few !